Want a Stress-Free Pregnancy? Hire a Maternity Concierge!

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I’m super excited to be sharing some information about Jessica Zablan and the Birth and Baby Company. When I first got chatting with Jessica, I immediately wanted to know “what exactly IS a maternity concierge?” I quickly realized that for those of us overwhelmed by baby preparation, hiring a maternity concierge really is the key to a stress-free pregnancy.

Keep reading to learn what a maternity concierge does, and hear more about Jessica’s journey!

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What is a maternity concierge consultant and why would an expectant parent need one?

I get this question a lot because it’s such a new thing and not many people have ever thought of hiring someone to help them plan out their pregnancy. A Maternity Consultant is someone who helps you create a timeline and plan for what needs to be done before baby’s arrival. We do this through one-on-one coaching or group classes. If expecting parents are too busy to handle things like organizing the nursery or adding items to their registry, we can do it for them! For things that are out of our scope of practice, we happily refer them to one of our many referrals.

The Birth & Baby Company is a little unique because we are also Birth and Postpartum Doulas. Many Maternity Consultants/Baby Planners refer out for things like doula services. Our clients get to stay with us the whole time. They trust us to help them plan for their baby, so they trust that we can walk them through the birth process and hold their hand through all the scary “baby first” (cutting baby’s nails for the first time…eek!).  You wouldn’t plan your wedding without a wedding planner so why not hire a Baby Planner to help you plan a stress-free pregnancy?

How did you get into this field?

It’s a bit of a long story about a girl who wanted to be an OB/GYN when she grew up but became a wife, a mother and unemployed Medical Assistant living in Japan all at the young age of 21 (see what I mean, long story!) When I became a mother, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. Safety standards? Did that come with a side of cuteness? After picking out all of my daughter’s Classic Winnie the Pooh stuff, I thought that I was good. Boy, was I wrong! I hated everything I bought because it didn’t fit our broke college student, one car, public transportation lifestyle. But it was CUTE! So I learned that lesson that just because it’s pretty, doesn’t mean that its practical.

Then we decided to try for baby number 2 (4 years later) while living in Japan… as Americans… with only a BX/Military Exchange Store. Options are so limited. So I started researching, watching YouTube videos and reading reviews on Amazon. Finally, I had figured out the things I wanted, what was going to work for our lifestyle and with some cuteness factor in there.

After the birth of my son, I became a Birth Doula. I wanted to help women feel empowered by their birth choices no matter what they were choosing. I had realized that with my first child, I had a few regret because I never felt supported while I was in labor. With my second child, my birth plan totally went out the window but I had an amazing birth team, and they allowed me to make my own decisions, and I had zero regrets about his birth. I wanted to provide other women with that same support. Over the next few years, I took training after training and grew my knowledge of all things baby related.

What advice can you offer to the overwhelmed couple planning and preparing for their first child?

Look at YOUR lifestyle (can you tell that I really like this word) and figure out what is most important to you. Becoming a parent doesn’t mean that you are going to lose who you are. You are just taking on another role in this game we call life. Maybe you are an active runner, so think about that when you are shopping for a stroller (cough, cough, jogging stroller). Do you love your designer bags? Buy a nice designer diaper bag, so you don’t lose your sense of style. Don’t forget about your partner! Dads LOVE gear!!! Let them geek out on all the awesome things that the 4MOM products do (a stroller that can charge your phone and count steps, a car seat that can install itself (side note: please have it checked by a CPST), or a bouncy seat that is connected to Bluetooth). Don’t lose yourself or think that you need to change because you are having a baby. Just make adjustments and enjoy your lifestyle with your new little buddy.

What types of services do you plan on offering in the future?

We are really excited to start taking on clients virtually from all around the world! Yup! Anyone can hang out with us on a video call and talk baby gear, how to set up their nursery or help them finalize their birth plan. Our Virtual Services include but I not limited to Maternity Consulting, Birth & Postpartum Prep, Baby Registry Management, 24/7 Support, Baby Gear Consulting, etc… The sky’s the limit! I never thought I would be offering services around the world, but now I am. So, who knows what will come next.

What were your personal experiences with pregnancy and becoming a mom?

I talked a little about my personal experience up above. So I will try not to repeat myself.

I hated being pregnant! I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and I was sick all the freaking time. It was hard to go anywhere, and I only felt good right after my IV Infusions (twice a week). With my first child, everyone told me it was normal to throw up every day. My doctor gave me medicine, but he never called it anything. With my second, I was diagnosed pretty early on, and my doctor was amazing at keeping my medications filled and my Infusions booked. But then, the Prenatal Depression kicked in. I was pretty much stuck at home, or if I went out I felt like crap, and I had to carry Zip-Lock bags in my purse just in case I needed to throw up. It wasn’t a fun time.

Once my youngest was born, things were AMAZING! I absolutely loved the Postpartum Period with him. I felt like me again! With my oldest, I was happy to be no longer pregnant, but I was an awkward new mom just like everyone else. I needed someone like me (the now Maternity Consultant, Doula, Baby Whisperer, etc…) back then too.

Ohh motherhood! It ain’t easy. Parenting isn’t easy. I like to refer to myself as “The Not So Perfect Parent Coach” because I struggle daily to get my kids to eat, to stop fighting or just to get a moment of peace of quiet that doesn’t involve locking the bathroom door. Even when they are driving me completely crazy, deep down I know that I love being a mom. I have been blessed with two amazing kids that keep me on my toes, and I know that they are going to do great things.

How can people find out more about your business and services?

You can find us at www.TheBirthAndBabyCo.com. Our Facebook handle is TheBirthAndBabyCoLLC and follow us on Instagram @TheBirthAndBabyCo

Jessica Zablan, is the owner of The Birth & Baby Company. She has been married to her husband, Travis, since 2010 and they have 2 children together. Jessica started her doula career in 2014 as a Labor Doula. Since then, her career has grown to a Maternity Consultant to provide one on one coaching to expecting families all around the world.

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