T-Minus 0 Weeks: 40 Weeks Pregnant

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This series begins with “The 12 Week Countdown To My Due Date”

40 Weeks Pregnant: How I’m Feeling

I’m pretty fed up. This meme pretty much sums up the past week…

  • Telling friends and family that there is no baby yet, and yes, I will tell them when something happens.
  • Reading up on natural home induction techniques – and trying some of them
  • Worrying about my waters breaking in public places
  • Reading into every twinge, cramp, and bowel movement.

My OB visit at the beginning of the week wasn’t great – needless to say, the OB’s bedside manner was lacking. Apparently, I’m “barely a 1” and girlie is “way up there” – not what a heavily pregnant woman wants to hear.

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12 Week Countdown: Week 39

Don’t forget to check out my post from last week.

I’m keeping up with laundry and cleaning, and just trying to keep on top of things in anticipation of labor starting soon.

To keep myself distracted, I’ve been working my way through a self-care list. Find out what I’m doing to survive the last month of pregnancy in this blog post.

Week 40 To Do List:

As I approach my due date, all the ‘big’ items on my third-trimester to-do list have been completed.  We’re now in the home stretch! This week we’re keeping it simple…

Don’t Go Insane

I’m not very good at being patient…

The past few weeks I’ve been pretty ready and just killing time and tying up loose ends. Now I’m officially past my due date, I’m running low on things to do, and energy to do anything other than lounge around. Honestly, I never realized waiting for a baby would be so draining! My goal this week is to not go insane while playing the waiting game…

Have a Baby (Hopefully)

Did I mention how READY I am to have this baby?! Gosh, I hope she shows up this week.

I’ve been refreshing myself on natural birth tactics and labor affirmations so I’m prepared when contractions do hit.

Want My 12-Week Countdown To-Do List?

I’m working on creating a shareable Trello Board with my recommended third-trimester tasks. This will be customizable to your personal needs. Keep your eyes on the blog for this awesome third-trimester resource! Coming soon.

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