T-Minus 1 Week: 39 Weeks Pregnant

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39 Weeks Pregnant: How I’m Feeling

I’m so ready to have this baby!!!

I’m uncomfortable, but not painfully so (for the most part). However, this part of pregnancy is tough for me mentally. I’m a PLANNER, and not knowing when my baby will arrive is driving me a little insane. I’m trying very hard to relax. I still have one more week until my due date, and I know I’m statistically likely to go slightly overdue.

I’ve been reading into every twinge of back pain, cramp, bowel movement, nesting urge, etc, in hopes that it’s a sign. Unfortunately, for the most part, everything is still very normal and I have no signs of labor.

My OB has said that they don’t like their patients to go over 41 weeks. I’m really trying to avoid a medical induction, and so I really hope that at the very least my baby arrives before we reach the stage where my doctors start pushing for an induction.

I’m taking evening primrose oil, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, walking every day and eating pineapple and dates. I also tried to eat a killer-spicy pad thai (not my wisest decision). Most of these labor-encouraging tasks are old-wives tales, and don’t have hard medical evidence to support that they actually can kick start labor – but hey, I’m up for trying anything.

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12 Week Countdown: Week 38

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The dogs successfully got some pampering and are all shiny clean.

My days are kept busy in a combination of napping, cleaning, home projects, socializing with friends and running errands. Time IS going by quickly, and I’m content knowing that I’m doing a good mix of productive tasks and lazy self-indulgent relaxation.

Week 39 To Do List:

As I approach my due date, all the ‘big’ items on my third-trimester to-do list have been completed.  We’re now in the home stretch!


Ditto the past few weeks, I like to make come home to a clean home. Each week up until I deliver, I really want to keep on top of cleaning and laundry. I’m hoping to avoid the scenario where labor strikes when the house is a mess, and I don’t have time to spruce. Fortunately, this is going fairly well so far, and the house has been in pretty good shape.

Lots of Self-Care

As per last week, I’m trying to indulge in naps, pampering and whatever feels good! Life is about to change forever, and I might as well enjoy the peace and flexibility I have right now! This week I’m going to get one last pre-baby pedicure.

Pregnancy Book

I’m rather annoyed at my home printer – which is currently not quite printing colors correctly. This has hindered my ability to print bumpies and keep my pregnancy book updated. I’m going to try to get this resolved this week so I can finish up my pregnancy journal.

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