T-Minus 2 Weeks: 38 Weeks Pregnant

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38 Weeks Pregnant: How I’m Feeling

I keep telling myself “it could be worse!”. Honestly, I don’t think my discomfort is that high compared to what is experienced by others during pregnancy. My stomach is SO tight, and eating large meals leads to a lot of pressure. I’m not exactly comfortable, but I’m also not in pain.

I’m still dilated 1cm, and baby is sat very high. The OB has reminded me that dilation is no indication of how close labor is. I certainly don’t feel like I’m on the brink of labor – much to my dismay.

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12 Week Countdown: Week 37

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I successfully baked and froze a large supply of lactation cookies and can’t stress enough how delicious these cookies are. Check out last week’s post for the recipe link!

I feel good after chatting with my husband about my birth plan, and talking through ways he could support me during labor. He’s on board to be my advocate at the hospital. We also watched a YouTube video demonstrating the hip squeeze – a counter pressure move that can help relieve back pain during contractions.

Week 38 To Do List:

As I approach my due date, all the ‘big’ items on my third-trimester to-do list have been completed.  We’re now in the home stretch!


As stated last week, I like to make come home to a clean home. Each week up until I deliver, I really want to keep on top of cleaning and laundry. I’m hoping to avoid the scenario where labor strikes when the house is a mess, and I don’t have time to spruce.

Lots of Self-Care

Pregnancy is hard, and the last month sucks. I had been feeling mopey and fed up. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I gave myself a bit of an attitude adjustment and decided to make the most of these final weeks. I’m trying to indulge in naps, pampering and whatever feels good! Life is about to change forever, and I might as well enjoy the peace and flexibility I have right now!

Get the Dogs Groomed

For the past two months or so, my husband has been in charge of giving our dogs baths. It reached the point where it was too uncomfortable for me to do! Our dogs are long overdue for the kind of thorough scrub and pampering that you get when you pay for grooming. This isn’t a high priority item, but my husband and I agreed that if there was time we would get the dogs cleaned up.

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This series continues with “T-Minus 1 Week: 39 Weeks Pregnant”

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