T-Minus 3 Weeks: 37 Weeks Pregnant

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37 Weeks Pregnant: How I’m Feeling

PPPfffffftttt. Yeah… I’m kind of done being pregnant. It seems that this is a really normal feeling to have during this stage.

It’s frustrating knowing that labor COULD start at any point, but you’ll probably be tormented for weeks thinking “but what if I go into labor tomorrow?” All of my plans are short-term, and I seem to say a lot of “Sure! That sounds great. See you then…assuming I haven’t gone into labor…”

I’m now seeing my Obstetricians (I see a practice of six different OBGYNs) once a week. This past week they did my Group B Strep swab and checked my cervix. I was thrilled to be dilated a whole 1cm. Now, I know that dilation is not an indicator of imminent labor. I could walk around being multiple centimeters dilated for weeks… (ugh!), but it still feels good to have 10% of the dilation done.

I’m exhausted, and I’m spending quite a lot of time in bed or on the couch watching Netflix, working on my baby cross-stitch quilt kit and browsing the internet. I feel guilty. There are plently of productive things I COULD do, but none of them seem urgent enough to drag me from my lazy rut.

I keep telling myself “get your rest now” to make me feel less guilty. Honestly, life is never going to be the same, and who knows when I’ll be able to indulge in such mindless and lazy activities again?

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12 Week Countdown: Week 36

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All the ‘big’ baby preparation items are done. This past week we cleaned the car, I bought myself a fancy new camera and started some of my labor preparation items (eating dates, drinking more raspberry leaf tea and taking evening primrose oil).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I’M SO GLAD I DID SO MUCH EARLIER IN PREGNANCY!!!

Week 37 To Do List:

Bake Lactation Cookies

Back in November, a friend of mine was struggling with her milk supply after having her baby. I whipped up a batch of these lactation cookies for her – and they really seemed to help. Plus, they were delicious.

They contain oats and brewers yeast, fenugreek, flaxseed meal – all which can help with milk production. These ingredients give the cookies an ‘earthy’ flavor which is actually really tasty.

I’m going to bake a big batch for the freezer, and eat one cookie a day during the first couple of weeks to kick-start my milk.

Coach The Husband on Labor

I nearly hired a doula this pregnancy. The consensus seems to be that doula’s help lead to more natural birth outcomes and can be a great support. I guess I’m stubborn though… part of me feels so well prepared that I’m struggling to justify the expense. Most doulas are incredibly affordable from an hourly perspective, especially when you think about how many hours they may end up being by your side. I didn’t make enough effort earlier in my pregnancy to try to meet a doula who I connected with and wanted to be present during this life-changing event.

So, during labor it’s going to be just my husband and I (and the medical staff at the hospital). I want to spend an hour teaching him about labor, and going through some coaching materials. The goal is to make sure he feels comfortable, knows how he can help, and also has an idea of what tasks/responsibilities are on his list.

Continue working on Pregnancy Book and Baby Book

My pregnancy book and baby book need updating again!

Make a Plan for the Dogs

We have some friends that live two minutes drive away, and they’re our usual backup for feeding the dogs, or any house-emergencies. However, my due date falls on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and they’re planning on being out of town. We need to check in with some other friends and work colleagues who live close by to see if they’d be willing to stop by and feed the dogs if I go into labor that weekend.


I like coming home to a clean house. Whenever we go on a trip, I try to make sure things are at least tidy before we leave.

Now that I’m in the “labor could happen whenever” stage, I would like to try to keep on top of laundry and cleaning. We tend to leave most of these chores until Sunday, and I realized that if I go into labor on a Friday/Saturday, the house would be a mess and the laundry basket full.

I’m holding out hope that I do get one last big nesting energy burst before I go into labor, and can use this to do one last big clean.

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