T-Minus 4 Weeks: 36 Weeks Pregnant

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This series begins with “The 12 Week Countdown To My Due Date”

36 Weeks Pregnant: How I’m Feeling

I feel VERY pregnant. I’ve had a lot of people say “the last month is the worst”, and I can see how that’s going to be true. Aches and pains have escalated, the waddle is out of control and my skin feels like it can’t stretch anymore.

BUT, that being said… I still feel somewhat lucky. I’m not having insomnia, crazy swelling, or heartburn. And I’m not on bedrest.

I’m now at the stage of my 12-week countdown where all the ‘big’ tasks have been completed, and I’m feeling fairly prepared. I still have things I can do over the next four weeks to increase my preparedness and occupy my time, but it wouldn’t be a disaster if we didn’t get these tasks done.

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12 Week Countdown: Week 35

Meal Preparation

Postpartum Meal Preparation With Once A Month Meals

Postpartum Meal Preparation With Once A Month Meals

I feel SO happy to have this done! It’s so satisfying every time I open the freezer and see all the meals.
I wrote a post sharing my experience using Once A Month Meals to help me with my postpartum meal preparation. Read the post here. I can’t recommend meal preparation enough, and Once A Month Meals helped so much with the organization, coordination and recipe inspiration. Read the post here. I can’t recommend meal preparation enough, and Once A Month Meals helped so much with the organization, coordination and recipe inspiration.

Consignment Event

My friend and I went to the “As They Grow” consignment event in Las Vegas/Henderson this past week. I had heard really good things about the event, and we were able to get early access through the new-mom pre-sale. I went in armed with a shopping list of high and low priority items. Boy, did we buy a lot. I was able to score a Fisher Price Sit-To-Stand Walker, an activity table, Duplo blocks, a vtech rhyme and discover electronic ‘book’, a vtech learn and discover driver toy, various toys, a new inflatable baby swimming ring, swim suits, hats, a unused baby bath support sponge. Everything I bought could be washed. I used a natural all-purpose cleaner to thoroughly wipe down all of the hard-plastic electronic items. The duplo blocks and toys will all get a bath before use, and the clothing is all going in the wash.
For anyone shopping for a baby on a budget, I strongly recommend checking out your local consignment stores and events. A lot of the items for sale are like-new, or lightly used and you can save a lot of money off retail pricing.

Week 36 To Do List:

Clean Car

I want to do a thorough clean of the inside of the car pre-baby. This item has been added to my “honey-do” list. Crawling around the car cleaning does not sound like something I can easily do at this stage in my pregnancy.

Buy a Camera

My birthday is approaching, and this year I decided I wanted to invest in a DSLR Camera. We currently only use our iPhones to take photos. iPhones are great for quick snaps, but with the arrival of a baby I wanted a higher quality camera to capture family memories. I think I’ve narrowed down to the Canon T6.

Start Eating Dates

I read a few interesting articles on the benefits of eating dates towards the end of pregnancy. This article from Mama Natural shares the findings of a couple of studies that showed that eating dates can shorten labor, and help avoid a medical induction.
In the studies, the women ate 6 dates a day from 36 weeks onwards.
I’m not a big fan of snacking on dried fruit, so I’m trying to come up with creative ways to incorporate dates into meals/snacks. My goal is at least 3 dates a day.

A few ideas to try:

  • 3 Dates, 1 x Banana & ½ cup Frozen Berry Smoothie
  • 3 Dates blended with milk & cooked with oatmeal.
  • Date Brownies

Start Taking Evening Primrose Oil

Some people swear by evening primrose oil as one of the reasons why they had a shorter and smoother labor. There seems to be a lack of medical studies supporting this. Evening Primrose Oil can be taken orally or inserted into the vagina.

Based on the information I’ve found, I’m going to start taking 1 evening primrose oil pill a day. I don’t want to induce labor yet, and this smaller dose should hopefully provide benefits without triggering labor.

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