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MBA to Motherhood is a resource for women to get digestible and honest information to help them on their journey to motherhood. My goal is to help new, and soon-to-be mothers feel informed, prepared and empowered.

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My Birth Story: A 50-Hour Medical Induction

I found reading other women’s birth stories really helpful during my pregnancy. It was fascinating how unique everyone’s experience was. Reading birth stories helped me prepare for various labor scenarios. My birth story didn’t play out quite as I had expected. I shared my last update “40 Weeks Pregnant” where I was not showing any signs of [...]

T-Minus 0 Weeks: 40 Weeks Pregnant

I’m pretty fed up. This meme pretty much sums up the past week… • Telling friends and family that there is no baby yet, and yes, I will tell them when something happens. • Reading up on natural home induction techniques – and trying some of them • Worrying about my waters breaking in public places • Reading into every twinge, cramp, and [...]

T-Minus 1 Week: 39 Weeks Pregnant

I’m so ready to have this baby!!! I’m uncomfortable, but not painfully so (for the most part). However, this part of pregnancy is tough for me mentally. I’m a PLANNER, and not knowing when my baby will arrive is driving me a little insane. I’m trying very hard to relax. I still have one more week until my due date, and I know I’m [...]

The Woes of Pregnancy

I recently connected with Ashleigh from Growing Graci, an awesome pregnancy blog I’ve been following. We quickly discovered that we were both living in Las Vegas, and in our third trimester - what a crazy small world! Over an iced coffee and a London Fog (earl grey latte), we chatted about all things pregnancy. It only seemed natural to [...]

T-Minus 2 Weeks: 38 Weeks Pregnant

I keep telling myself “it could be worse!”. Honestly, I don’t think my discomfort is that high compared to what is experienced by others during pregnancy. My stomach is SO tight, and eating large meals leads to a lot of pressure. I’m not exactly comfortable, but I’m also not in pain. I’m still dilated 1cm, and baby is sat very high. The OB [...]

T-Minus 3 Weeks: 37 Weeks Pregnant

PPPfffffftttt. Yeah… I’m kind of done being pregnant. It seems that this is a really normal feeling to have during this stage. It’s frustrating knowing that labor COULD start at any point, but you’ll probably be tormented for weeks thinking “but what if I go into labor tomorrow?” All of my plans are short-term and I seem to say a lot of [...]

T-Minus 4 Weeks: 36 Weeks Pregnant

I feel VERY pregnant. I’ve had a lot of people say “the last month is the worst”, and I can see how that’s going to be true. Aches and pains have escalated, the waddle is out of control and my skin feels like it can’t stretch anymore. BUT, that being said… I still feel somewhat lucky. I’m not having insomnia, crazy swelling, or heartburn. And [...]

3 Things To Ask Your Mom While Pregnant

Yesterday (April 19th) marked two years since my mother died. I can’t decide if it feels like yesterday, or a lifetime ago. In memory of my mum, and as a reminder to those of you who still have your mothers alive and well, I wanted to share a few of the things I wish I could ask my mum during my pregnancy.

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