The Quick & Honest Pros & Cons of Breastfeeding

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Unsure of how you want to feed your baby? I’ve compiled three quick and honest pro-con lists for breastfeeding, breast pumping, and formula feeding so you can get informed and be confident in your feeding decision. Keep reading to read the pros & cons of breastfeeding.

The Pros & Cons of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is cheap, relatively convenient (as long as mom is nearby!), and has unique health benefits (did you know your breast milk adjusts depending on your baby’s needs? Crazy!). It can also hurt a lot, and some women struggle to produce enough milk. It also might not be the best solution if mom can’t always be close to the baby.

Pros & Cons of Breastfeeding Infographic

Pros of Breastfeeding:

  • It’s Free! There’s no financial cost to get your body to produce breast milk
  • Convenience Factor: It’s quick to feed the baby and you don’t need to tote around bottles & gear.
  • Baby Health Benefits include: strengthens baby’s immune system, lower SIDS rate & nutritionally balanced.
  • Mom Health Benefits include: burns calories, creates emotional bonding & reduces the risk of certain cancers.

Cons of Breastfeeding:

  • The first few weeks can be tough & exhausting. Nipples can become cracked, sore and bleed if there’s a bad latch.
  • The burden of being the sole food source can be stressful for mom.
  • The (temporary) challenges and discomfort if mom has thrush, clogged ducts, or mastitis.
  • There isn’t an easy way to measure how much baby is eating.

Gather Your Resources

Do you think breastfeeding is the right fit for you? Get prepared by gathering breastfeeding tools and resources that can help make breastfeeding easier. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Supply Checklist is COMING SOON.

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