The 3 Newborn Things I’m Glad I Prepared For

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If you followed my Third Trimester 12 Week Countdown, you’ll know that I’m a fiend for preparation. Now my baby girl is approaching two weeks old, I’ve reflected on the newborn things I’m glad I prepared for during pregnancy.

I’m pleased to say, we’ve had a really lovely first two weeks with our baby. She’s sleeping well, breastfeeding is going great, and it has been a pleasantly uneventful time. I had expected to be much more tired and stressed. I’m very pleased that I put in the time and effort during my pregnancy to prepare for this phase. Here are the things that I am MOST glad I prepared for:

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The 3 Newborn Things I’m Glad I Prepared For

Meal Preparation

I can’t even begin to stress how GREAT it has been having a freezer full of tasty food! On our second night home from the hospital, I pulled a delicious meal out of the freezer (Chicken Rollatini), poured my husband and I a glass of wine, and we watched a movie while baby girl slept. Having a no-fuss, but delicious, meal just made me and my husband feel SO relaxed. I’ve not once felt stressed by the “what are we going to eat for dinner?” panic. You can read about the meal preparation I did while pregnant in my blog post – “Postpartum Meal Preparation.”

Breastfeeding Preparation

I’ve had a few friends who have struggled with breastfeeding. There were two key takeaways I picked up while pregnant: latch is so important and everyone worries about milk supply.

I was proactive and educated myself in how to form a good latch, and then once baby girl had arrived made sure to make the most of the hospital’s lactation consultant. So far, I’ve managed to avoid any major nipple discomfort that would have made breastfeeding challenging. I’ve also been applying lanolin whenever I feel tenderness – which seems to be helping.

To help establish my milk supply, I baked some lactation cookies while pregnant. These awesome cookies are freezer-friendly and super delicious. I grabbed a couple for my hospital bag and ate them after baby girl was born. Between these cookies, oatmeal, mothers milk tea, and flaxseed, I’ve not had any problems with my milk supply. I also seem to have been lucky in that I’m not having any over-production/engorgement problems either!

Nursery Setup

So far, I’m pleased with how we set up our nursery. My husband and I can easily navigate the nursery with baby girl, and diaper changes/outfit changes have been a breeze. Having everything we need in arms reach has made the past two weeks with a newborn much less stressful.

Some of my favorite must-have items:

  • Changing Pad with Covers – we’ve already had to wash our two covers a few times after diaper incidents and mass-spit up. Having a couple of covers makes these accidents less stressful. We simply throw the dirty one in the laundry basket, wipe down the changing pad and put in a fresh cover.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp – this lamp provides the perfect amount of light overnight. Think of it as a more decorative night-light. I have it setup right next to my nursing chair, and it provides plenty of light for breastfeeding, without being a glaring ‘wake-up!’ level of light.
  • Portable Night Light – I LOVE this portable night light. We’ve used this light in our bedroom while baby girl has been sleeping in her bassinet. Like the salt lamp, it provides the perfect amount of light to see what you’re doing, without being a glaring/bright light.
  • Diaper Pail – I was SO on the fence as to whether a diaper pail was a worthwhile investment. We purchased the Dekor Diaper Pail and LOVE it. We’ve had zero problems with odor, the pail holds a decent number of dirty diapers, and emptying the pail is a breeze.

Additionally, having a diaper changing station set up in our living room has made life much easier. I’m also in love with our Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper, which is the perfect place to set baby girl down for naps during the day.

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