My Favorite Baby Products – 6 Weeks into Motherhood

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My Favorite Baby Products

Buying stuff for your baby during pregnancy is tough. You want to feel prepared, and ‘stuff’ helps you feel like you’ve got a grip on this ride into the unknown. I put SO much thought into my baby registry. I read a ton of baby registry and favorite baby products lists on Pinterest. I browsed Amazon reviews to make sure I was getting the biggest bang for my buck. And when the local big consignment event popped up in town, I got an early access pass and grabbed some total steal items.

I think every parent ends up buying some items that don’t get used as much as anticipated. Likewise, I think it’s normal to dash to Target or Babies ‘r’ Us, or do an Amazon order, once the baby has arrived, to snag those few items that nobody told you you’d need!

My baby is now six weeks old. It’s gone by SO FAST. I know it’s cliché – “they grow up so fast” – but it’s TRUE. Baby girl gained a full pound in a week. Gone are the days of ity bitty newborn – she’s piling on the chub!

Over the past six weeks, I’ve quickly figured out what our favorite baby products are. These are the things I would instantly buy over and over again!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I only ever link products that I personally use, love, or thoroughly recommend.

My Favorite Baby Products: The List

Fisher Price Rock N Play

There is a reason that this is one of the top rated baby products. Defined as a “sleeper,” the Rock n Play is the perfect place for baby to nap, or hang out. We have ours in the living room, and it’s a hit for us as parents, and for the baby. It also has a vibration box, if that’s what your baby needs to be soothed. It’s lightweight, portable, and folds up. Some parents say this is the only thing their baby will sleep in, for us it’s peace of mind knowing we have somewhere safe to put baby girl down in when we’re downstairs.

MAM Pacifiers

We QUICKLY figured out that our baby needed pacifiers. I hadn’t expected it… but pacifiers have been a life saver (both for my boobs and eardrums). Baby girl is content just sitting quietly sucking away on her pacifier. We’ve tried a few different brands, and I think the MAM pacifiers are my favorite for quality and style. We have one with a clip attached which has become our default excursion pacifier and prevents the pacifier being dropped on the floor.

Chicco KeyFit30 Car Seat & Caddy

Like the Rock n Play, there’s a reason why this is a hugely popular car seat. It’s great quality at a good price. We decided to purchase the accompanying caddy instead of the full travel system. The caddy is a perfect lightweight frame that is going to be perfect for traveling (we have cross country and international travel coming up in the next two months). I love how everything clicks together with ease. Baby girl also seems really comfortable in the car seat.

Velcro Swaddles

Swaddling with a blanket lasted about three days. We were pros by the time we left the hospital, but baby girl was quickly figuring out how to wiggle the blankets loose. We gave up swaddling for about a week until I noticed how much baby girl was flailing around in her sleep (and thus waking herself up). Fortunately, we had one of these Velcro swaddles (a hand-me-down). Baby girl’s sleep instantly improved. I love how snuggly and secure these swaddles are. We’ve now bought several in the large size and plan on using them at LEAST until baby loses her startle reflex.

Aden & Anais Products

I’m a little bit obsessed with muslin. Living in Las Vegas, heat is always a concern. Muslin blankets are wonderful in that they’re lightweight, soft, and breathable. Aden & Anais makes some great quality muslin products. Their silky soft blankets are great for swaddling, using as a breastfeeding cover, soaking up spit up and using as a sun-shade. I never leave the house without one. I was gifted some of their muslin bibs at my baby shower, and these have been perfect for protecting onesies from spit up when we’re out and about. We were also gifted some of their burp cloths. The muslin is very absorbent (perfect for never-ending spit-up), and they come in some adorable prints. As much as these aren’t the cheapest swaddles, bibs or burp cloths on the market, the quality is incredible. I’ll be gifting Aden & Anais products to expecting friends and family members for their baby showers.

Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo

I fell into the trap of buying a baby wash, shampoo and lotion set (the Dove one). I figured that any baby soap would be fine. They all promote being so great for baby’s sensitive skin. This isn’t true. Not all baby soaps are created equal.

It took us a couple of weeks to figure out that the only thing we needed to use on baby girl’s skin was Cetaphil’s wash. In fact, her skin has improved (blemish and softness-wise) since we STOPPED using Dove, Mustela and any brand of lotion. Less is so much more when it comes to baby skin care, and Cetaphil’s wash seems to not cause any irritation on her sensitive skin.


As a military couple, we have a lot of miles between our families and us. As much as I’m happy to share a few pictures of my baby on Facebook and Instagram, I don’t want to be the person posting albums and albums of baby pictures online. I wanted to find a convenient and secure way to share pictures with close friends and family. I stumbled across TinyBeans, and I’m in love. You simply invite people by entering their email address. The app is styled like a journal, and you add photos, videos, notes, and milestones onto a calendar. They also have a desktop site for those who don’t use apps. My technologically challenged in-laws and my elderly grandparents have all been able to use the app and enjoyed having access to lots of pictures and updates.

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