Lucy Cantley

Before MBA to Motherhood

I am guilty of something many women are. I put too much on my plate. Back in the summer of 2016, as I approached my final semester of school (where I’d ONLY be taking three classes, instead of the five taken the previous spring), I decided I needed MORE to do, and started working for a tech startup. Shortly after the semester started, I found out I was, after a year of trying, finally pregnant! I juggled first-trimester exhaustion, classes, schoolwork, and the demands of a startup trying to scale. Needless to say, there were times where I felt overwhelmed, and bit out of control.

Pregnancy alone can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there! I just felt like I didn’t have enough time to research, process and plan. As 2017 rolled around, it felt intuitive for me to prioritize myself, my growing family and my life-long desire to start my own business.

A Resource to Get Informed, Prepared and Empowered

I decided to start MBA to Motherhood as a resource for women to get digestible and honest information. My goal is to help new, and soon-to-be mothers feel informed, prepared and empowered.

For me, MBA to Motherhood has two meanings. First, it simply states my current journey. I recently graduated with my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). It also just so happens that at the time, I was 17 weeks pregnant. I am literally transitioning from full time graduate school, to motherhood. Second, I find myself constantly applying the tools I gained throughout my MBA to my personal life as I prepare for this big life change. I want to share those tools with other women and families who are also on this journey to motherhood – a sort of “MBA” in motherhood.

Get Involved

I invite you to join me on this journey. It’s going to be a fun and bumpy ride!

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