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I believe that people are empowered when they are informed and prepared for the journey ahead.

MBA to Motherhood is here to help women on their journey to motherhood feel equipped with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to make them feel empowered as a parent.

  • Get information on the resources and tools you need for your growing family.
  • Learn strategies to manage the changes that come with parenthood.
  • Be the CEO of your home by implementing strategies that set your family up for success.


Get the information you need for your journey to motherhood.


Learn strategies and tactics to prepare for your new arrival.


Take control and be empowered in your decisions as a parent.


A few words from Lucy:

I was working for a tech startup when I first found out I was (finally) pregnant. Throughout my first 18 weeks of pregnancy, I was juggling start-up stress and planning my pregnancy. It wasn’t until I decided to make a change and launch my own business after graduating with my MBA that I realized how many ties there are between planning and launching a business and preparing for motherhood. In a lightbulb moment, I realized I could use the insight I gained throughout my MBA to help me strategize and prepare for the life-changing experience of adding a tiny human to my family.

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Everything you need to get ahead and prepare for your transition to motherhood.


Tactics and strategies to help you make the most of motherhood.


Optimize your home and set your family up for success.